On The Front Lines, In School And In Theatre

  I am tired. I am tired of reading posts about “my rights” to a hobby that includes automatic rifles. You like guns, fine. But accept the fact that guns are dangerous and require strict regulations. I am a teacher. I am tired because my job is hard. Don’t get me wrong, I love this […]

Jose Jimenez is Alive and Well and Performing in Utah

Even when intended benignly, brownface is an offense. Your saying the character is not a stereotype doesn’t make it true.

Facebook Needs To Explain Its Problem With A Sondheim Ad

As investigations into political tampering with the 2016 US election on Facebook have made headlines and perhaps spurred corporate introspection, one would hope that the company is in the process of tightening its ad controls. Given the huge importance of social media company in the world’s communications, we can ill afford to have false information […]

Telling James Franco’s lawyer, “Your client does not have any valid claim”

This summer, when an attorney for actor James Franco sent New York’s People’s Improv Theatre a cease and desist letter regarding the venue’s planned presentation of the play James Franco and Me, PIT’s response was to cancel the booking. At the time, Kevin Broccoli, author and performer of JF and Me had no legal representation, […]

At North Shore Music Theatre, An Absence of Race, Ethnicity and Understanding Prevails

It’s a bit hard to follow the thinking of Bill Hanney, the owner and producer at North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, Massachusetts. Initially, it was hard because Hanney was silent, not responding to complaints – initiated by Lauren Villegas of Project Am I Right? – over the lack of Latinx casting in the company’s production […]

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